Dublin Bus drivers have voted to refuse to stop and collect passengers at the UCD flyover on the Stillorgan dual carriageway after 10pm.

A source at Dublin Bus claimed that a large number of passengers who boarded buses at the UCD stop over the first two weeks of term displayed anti social behaviour and caused damage to several vehicles.

The withdrawal applies to all bus routes servicing the flyover via the northbound slip road after 10pm and came into effect on Monday September 24. It is unclear whether southbound services will be affected.

Some students on campus said they were angry that the actions of a few individuals had led to the complete withdrawal of the bus service.

“I’m annoyed but I’m not surprised that drivers have refused to stop at UCD. I’ve been on those buses with friends heading to town and the behaviour of some UCD students is just unreal”, and one final year student said.

UCDSU Campaigns and Communications Officer Paddy Guiney said he was concerned about the impact that the decision would have on students who relied on the service.

“Due to this measure students will have a significantly longer distance to travel home and unfortunately this further shows the cuts faced on services for students, treatment ” he said. “We will be contacting Dublin bus to resolve this matter very quickly.”

This is not the first time Dublin Bus drivers have voted to withdraw services due to the behaviour of passengers collected at the stop.

In September 2011 Dublin Bus discontinued their evening services from the campus on Black Monday due to students’ anti-social behaviour. There were reports of objects being thrown at buses as students made their way to the city centre. At the time a representative for Dublin Bus stated that students’ actions had unnerved the bus drivers and led them to fear for their own safety.

In January 2010 services on the number 10 bus were withdrawn from campus after 11pm due to reports of violence, intolerable levels of drinking and anti-social behaviour on board some buses.

“This has happened every year since I started in UCD”, one third year student claimed. “I would like to think that I could visit friends on campus or in the area and still make my way home without having to walk down the dual carriageway in the dark. The same few take it too far and ruin things for the majority”.

– Sarah Doran